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WordPress errors are some of the leading problems that you should be concern about if you don’t want to put your credibility and your income in danger, some errors cause minor inconveniences, while other errors create a lot of inconveniences while working on WordPress these errors may cause by downtime, failed updates and installation or maybe missing resources which leads to visitors from accessing or using your website.

It had been almost impossible to know every latent WordPress error inside and out. However, understanding a number of the foremost common WordPress issues users experience can assist you to prepare and troubleshoot WordPress problems once they crop up, and there are still a number of errors which are most likely been reported and resolved by some users before the error hits you. in this blog we are covering over top common WordPress errors and some resources which helps you to resolve the problem and make your website back on business.

Below I even have listed some general descriptions of the varied components of your WordPress site and therefore the problems which may be experienced, followed by the precise errors and their solutions.



400/500 errors

400 bad error

403 forbidden

404 not found

501 not implemented

502 bad gateways

503 series unavailable

security-related errors

Cloudflare error 521

sorry you’re not allowed to exceed this page

incorrect file permissions

mixed content warning

not sending email issues 16

SSL handshake failed

WordPress media problems

HTTP error

broken media files

image uploading issue

common image issue

incorrect Facebook thumbnail

there has been a mistake cropping your image

WordPress file errors

destination folder already exists

Pluggable File Errors

missing a temporary folder

file and folder permission error

WordPress files are corrupt

the WordPress theme stylesheet is missing

database error

error establishing a database connection

the WordPress database is corrupt

browser error

not secure ” warning in chrome



your connection is not private



serve related error

white screen of death

secure connection error

fatal error: maximum execution time exceeded

WordPress memory limit

upload: failed to write file or disk

uploaded file exceeds the upload_max_filesize directive in php.ini

troubleshooting miscellaneous WordPress errors

Locked Out of the WordPress Admin Dashboard

Can’t Connect via SSH or SFTP

SSH Connection Refused

Failed Auto-Update

WordPress Import Issues

The WordPress Sidebar Is Appearing Below the Content

Briefly Unavailable for Scheduled Maintenance

WordPress Stuck in Maintenance Mode

Changes Aren’t Visible on Your Live Site

WordPress Stuck in Maintenance Mode

An automatic WordPress update has done not complete – please attempt the update again now

WordPress Keeps Logging You Out

Your WordPress Site Is Down

Password Reset Key Error

Missed Schedule

WordPress Syntax Errors

White Text and Missing Buttons within the Visual Editor

Changes Aren’t Visible on Your Live Site

400/ 500 errors

Errors labeled with a variety between 400 and 499 are HTTP client errors. This usually means something has gone wrong during the communication between the browser your site’s visitor is using and your site’s server.

Table of Contents

400 bad – The 400 Bad Request response error wants to highlight to you that your server experiencing a client error, but it doesn’t fall into a specific category which means that this error has several possible causes, i.e:

An incorrectly-typed URL or one that contains disallowed characters.

Corrupted browser caches or cookies.

Discrepancies between Domain Name System (DNS) data and your local DNS cache.

Trying to upload a file that is too large.

Some kind of general server error.

Potential solutions include checking the URL for typos, clearing your browser cache and cookies, clearing your DNS cache, and deactivating browser extensions.

403 forbidden error–   There are many measures in situ to stay your WordPress site safe, including varying levels of ‘permissions’. While this feature can prevent people that shouldn’t have access to your site from gaining entry, it can sometimes cause problems if the permissions aren’t set properly.

To fix this problem, you’ll need to reset your file permissions or simply generate a new. hatches file. These issues often lead to problems with a plugin, your Content Delivery Network (CDN), or hotlink protection so, you have to think before you download any plugin for your website.

404 error

these types of errors occur when a user attempts to access a web page that doesn’t exist. Instead of finding the resource, they were trying to find. This problem is relatively harmless but frustrating for users. To avoid it, confirm to repair broken links on your site periodically and implement redirects if you delete a page or move it to a replacement URL.


501 not implemented–                 This error means that your server doesn’t have the functionality needed to complete the request made by the user’s browser. Likely, the server doesn’t recognize the request method.

a 500 Internal Service Error and a 501 error can lower your search engine rankings if you don’t resolve it within a few hours so you can’t take these kinds of errors for granted. to resolve it you can try reloading the page, clearing the browser cache, and disabling any active proxy settings to resolve it.

However, you’ll likely need to contact your host for help.

502 bad gateway– In this situation where one server is acting as a proxy or ‘gateway’ for another, there’s a chance that users may encounter a 502 Bad Gateway error. it usually occurs when the proxy receives an invalid response from the inbound server.

A 502 error can affect your SEO, so it’s best to get it cleared up fast. Reloading the page and clearing your browser cache are good places to start out. If those solutions don’t work, check for issues together with your DNS, try disabling your CDN or firewall, or contact your host for assistance

503 services unreachable-when 503 Service Unreachable error appears on your WordPress, it means that for some reason your waitperson can not be reached. Although your website is up, it was not accessible to junkies.

This may also punctuate some points like routine sustentation, high trade stations, or a more serious problem with your waitperson. The good news is that a 503-error does not tell your SEO ranking. but still can be considerably annoying for visitants, notwithstanding. To fix it, you can try

. Shutting off your plugins.

Switching to a nonfeasance theme.

Disabling your CDN.

Limiting the WordPress Heartbeat API.

Aggrandizing your garçon’s bankroll.


Notwithstanding, your sporty course of action is to get in touch with your host’s support squad If none of these results work.

  1. security-related wrongdoings-

your WordPress security should be your first concern or you’ll probably have to face some problems like Cyberattacks that could yield serious damage that requires a lot of plutocrats to fix. Unfortunately, sometimes the measures you put in place toward your where can lead to wrongdoings.

Cloudflare error 521-this popular platform is used as a CDN and for protection against DDoS and other attacks.

Seeing a 521 error on your venue means that Cloudflare can’t connect to your waitperson. Either it’s down or it’s blocking the service for some other reason. in general, checking to make sure your waitperson is up and that its firewall has all of Cloudflare’s IP ranges whitelisted will let you know what’s causing the problem. You can either take a way to work with your host and resolve it.

“Sorry you aren’t allowed to surplus this runner”

error-for some security measure, WordPress has a standard list of permitted train types. These types of violations help to preclude vicious parties to add executable trains to your venue which could compromise stoners’ sensitive information.

Notwithstanding, they’ll see a dispatch reading “Sorry, this train type isn’t permitted for security reasons, If a stoner tries to upload a train type that isn’t on thatlist.php train.

The WP Extra Train Types plugin can also be used as an indispensable result.

incorrect Queue consents- In addition to denying your access to certain areas of your location, incorrect line concurrences can forestall you from

. Contemporizing or installing plugins and themes.

Publishing or contemporizing posts and expresses.

Uploading images.

On the other hand, if your cue concurrences aren’t too strong, you leave your website vulnerable and run the imminence of hackers gaining access to your cues. There they can blue-pencil content, steal data, or add their cruel constitution.

Notwithstanding, or suspect that you’ve been managed, you may want to authenticate your cue concurrences via SFTP

, If you’re running into one of the antecedent issues. mixed content warning- generally caused by incorrect HTTPS/ SSL settings on your WordPress location. which may or may not affect your website’s functionality, but can affect your website’s SEO and dopehead experience.

Largely, on an SSL- enabled website, all coffers should be loaded using an HTTPS URL. Your location may have content with HTTP URLs, or a plugin or theme may be loading a cue with HTTP. which leads to the mixed content error that can’t be loaded using a secure protocol.

To fix this, you need to find out which pockets are loaded insecurely, and either fix their URLs. You can do this with a plugin or you can do this manually as well.

not transmitting memorandum issues is a vital strategy for multitudinous WordPress venues and can increase your trade station and conversion rates. There are several plugins available that can enable you to dispatch emails from your WordPress dashboard.

this kind of problem may be caused by the most participated hosting providers disappear or cap the module.

SSL handshake failed-This type of error occurs when the surfer cannot establish a secure connection with the garçon. Unfortunately, this can chance for colorful reasons.

  1. WordPress media problems-

in the world of social, ‘media ‘most hourly refers to image strings. Notwithstanding, it also includes images, videotapes, and audio. While these principles will hand engaging as well as intriguing content for your junkies, but sometimes tricky to incorporate due to varicolored trespasses that may arise in the process.

HTTP error-While trying to upload a string to the WordPress Media Library, you may have come across a vague ‘HTTP error’. This generally appears as a small popup box on the right side of the image uploader.

There are legion reasons for this problem, including a bypass login session, disallowed characters in the cue name, wrong clearance, and garçon- side issues.

so Firstly, start by refreshing the page.However, try resizing or renaming your media column, If that does work. However, you should either check your allowances or temporarily kill your plugins and theme, If not in luck. However, you may want to address your host broken media columns

, If you still cannot complete your upload. image uploading issue-Sometimes an addict would suddenly notice that all the images from their emplacement are gone and are showing broken image placeholders. When the addict tries to upload an image to a post using the media uploader, it results in an error.

All these columns in the media library will appear as broken which is also appertained to as” broken media columns”. This error occurs due to incorrect column and directory allowances in a WordPress installation. Several factors may breed this issue.

common image issue- error in uploading columns in WordPress is being not easy, some addicts may inapt to find out how to align images, resize or crop them, or display them in a gallery format.

This isn’t an error or issue in WordPress. You just need to familiarize yourself with how WordPress handles media.

  • ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED-This error usually occurs because of the user’s browser, as was unable to connect to your site’s server. This could be a server-side problem, in which case you should check to see if your site is down and contact your hosting provider to resolve it or you can try instructing your users to restart their routers and clear their browser caches


  • “your connection is not private” error- This error resticks the easy users’ access to your site, which is a problem with its SSL certificate (or lack thereof).

If a user visited your page, they may be scared away from your site for fear of their personal information being stolen. to resolve it you should have to ensure that your SSL certificate is installed properly, but it may also be a client-side issue that your users will have to fix themselves.


  • ERR_EMPTY_RESPOND-This issue occurs when a user’s browser sends a request to your site and your server sends nothing back. The most popular fixes for this issue are to clear your browser cache and reset your network settings.

and You may also want to advise users who are experiencing this problem to disable any Chrome extensions they’re using and try temporarily disabling their anti-virus software for resolving this error.



Your DNS is the system that takes your website’s IP address and turns it into a readable domain, and If your DNS fails to translate your domain into your site’s IP address correctly, the user may see this type of error in your website.

to resolve this problem first thing you have to do is to release and renew your IP address as soon as a problem. If it doesn’t work, you may suggest that users try temporarily disabling their anti-virus software or Virtual Private Networks (VPNs).



  1. serve related error- Your server is responsible for storing all of your WordPress site’s files and communicating with all the browsers to make your content available to users.


  • white screen of death- your website is displayed as a blank white page to the visitors, this error also affects your WordPress dashboard and is generally the cause of the plugin compatibility issues. the best way to resolve the error is to find the plugins that are causing problems and then remove them, or the other cause for this error is syntax error which is generally by sites memory limit and file permission issues


  • secure connection error- the main cause of this error is whenever you update your WordPress installation’s core files, your site has to connect to org. but sometimes, due to your server’s configuration, this isn’t possible and you will get this warning on your screen.

As this is a problem directly related to your server, you’ll likely need to contact your host to resolve it. Your server may be under a DDoS attack, in which case the error should resolve on its own shortly. Alternatively, you can try fixing the problem yourself by pointing your server towards through Secure Shell Protocol (SSH).


  • fatal error: maximum execution time exceeded- Servers have time limits on how long scripts can run. for example- If a PHP script on your WordPress site takes longer than the allotted time limit, you’ll likely see the message: “fatal error: maximum execution time exceeded”.

to resolve this issue you have to increase your site’s execution time limit. you’ll need to find the script that is running too long, which is likely part of a plugin or theme and remove it.


  • WordPress memory limit- Your hosting provider allocates a certain amount of server memory to your site, and If you reach your server’s memory then you may run into an issue of installing a new plugin or theme or uploading media files to your site.

If this happens, you can try increasing your PHP memory limit by editing your wp-config.php file.


  • upload: failed to write file or disk- error can occur due to several reasons. However, the general cause is incorrect folder permissions.

Each file and folder on your website have a set of permissions. Your web server controls access to the files based on these permissions. Incorrect permissions to a folder can take away your ability to write files on a server. This means your web server cannot create or add new files to that particular folder.

  • “Uploaded file exceeds the upload_max_filesize directive in php.ini ” error – On a similar note, your host also sets a limit on the maximum size for individual files that you can upload to your server. If you need to upload a file that is larger than the specified maximum size, you can change the limit by editing your php.ini file. or, you can also contact your hosting provider to discuss the issue.


  1. troubleshooting miscellaneous WordPress errors- While many WordPress errors can be solved with some specific cause, but some are a little more difficult to solve. These errors have multiple possible origins or lead back to a minute detail that doesn’t seem significant.


  • Locked Out of the WordPress Admin Dashboard- the WordPress dashboard is the most important which helps in performing numerous tasks. sometimes the issues you’re experiencing on your site can lock you out of your WordPress dashboard.

To solve this error you can try restoring a backup of your site, or disabling a security plugin via FTP if you believe it’s keeping you from your site’s backend.


  • Can’t Connect via SSH or SFTP- Sometimes, WordPress management or troubleshooting will require that you access your server directly. SFTP helps you to enable access to your files, and SSH permits a wide variety of other remote tasks,


If you’re attempting to use SFTP or SSH to reach your server but can’t connect, you may need to delete outdated IP addresses from your known_hosts file.


  • SSH Connection Refused- If you’re trying to connect to your server via SSH, and you see a message that reads “Connection refused” in your command-line interface, the problem is slightly different like the connection refused error message in terminal,

Instead of editing known_hosts, you’ll need to check a few things related to your SSH configuration to solve the problem.

to resolve this, make sure that your server has an SSH daemon installed. You should also check your credentials and determine if the port you’re using is open. The issue may be caused due to your firewall settings.


  • Failed Auto-Update In order to help your site, stay on the latest version of WordPress, you may have auto-updates enabled. but this can also handy for streamlining this aspect of website maintenance and keeping your site secure, but it also sometimes results in problems.

to resolve this, carry out a manual update instead of WordPress Import Issues is to carry out a manual update instead.


  • The WordPress Sidebar Is Appearing Below the Content –

Sidebars can be useful for displaying key content to your users, such as your navigation menu, WordPress search function, social icons, and even for the disclaimers. if this kind of error occurs you will need to track down the source of the issue to correct your code and fix it or this could also occur due to problems with your site’s width, afloat property error, or other issues with your WordPress theme which you have to remove.


  • Briefly Unavailable for Scheduled Maintenance– this type of error occurs when you run an update for a WordPress website at that time your WordPress website temporarily goes into maintenance and the visitors will see the following message on your website

This isn’t truly defining as an error, since it’s supposed to happen, but users may interpret it differently. If they contact you about it but you’re not experiencing trouble on your end, you’ll want to recommend that they reload the page.

If you’re seeing this message while running updates in WordPress, on the other hand, your site may have gotten stuck in maintenance mode.


  • WordPress Stuck in Maintenance Mode-

this type of message sees in front of your website when you close your browser in the middle of the updates or the bulk of updates were going on in your website.

Fortunately, fixing this problem is quite simple. All you have to do is access your site’s files via FTP, and delete the one named. maintenance:

The. maintenance file in FileZilla

After that, you can check back with your site and all should be well again.


  • Changes Aren’t Visible on Your Live Site- If you’ve put in a lot of hard work to make updates to your site, only to check the frontend and you can’t able to see any of the changes, you may be feeling devastated.

it’s very easy to solve this error, most of the time this error is because of the result of a caching issue. First, you can try clearing your browser cache. If your changes still aren’t visible and you’re using a caching plugin, check its documentation to learn how to clear the plugin’s cache as well.


  • Error Moving to Trash-

WordPress enables you to easily delete posts and pages from your site with the click of a button. However, various problems can lead to an error when trying to move content to the trash.

This error may be solved by easing the caching issue or a plugin conflict or due to database corruption or incorrect file permissions.


  • “ An automated WordPress update has failed to complete – please attempt the update again now” error- This error is often caused by WordPress going into ‘maintenance mode’ after updates have been made to themes, plugins, or WordPress itself.

to solve this first update any of the failed automated updates.

If the message is still visible on your WordPress website then you have can be fixed by removing the “.maintenance” file from the root folder of your WordPress site, either via cPanel or using SFTP. Check out our guide to fixing WordPress Stuck in Maintenance Mode for step-by-step instructions.


  • WordPress Keeps Logging You Out-WordPress sets a cookie in your browser to authenticate a login session. This cookie is set for the WordPress URL stored in your settings section. If you are accessing from a URL that does not match the one in your WordPress settings, then WordPress will not be able to authenticate your session Your WordPress Site Is Down
  • Password Reset Key Error-his error forces the login page to keep refreshing and wouldn’t allow you to save the password reset key. While the front-end of your website works normally, you wouldn’t be able to log in and work on your website.

It is caused by the lack of disk space on your WordPress hosting account. Since there is no more disk space, WordPress fails to save new data into the database. The easy way to fix this is to simply delete a few unnecessary files from your website Missed Schedule


  • WordPress Syntax Errors-This error usually occurs when you are trying to add code snippets into WordPress and have accidentally missed something or the code has incorrect syntax. This will result in a PHP parse error and you will see a notice like:

Parse error- syntax error, unexpected $end in /public HTML/site1/wp-content/themes/my-theme/functions on line 278

The error message would indicate the unexpected thing found in the code and the location of the script where the error occurred with line number. To fix this issue you will have to correct the syntax. Most of the time it is a missing bracket or some unexpected character in the code


  • White Text and Missing Buttons in the Visual Editor-If you’re using the classic WordPress editor, then sometimes buttons from the visual editor may disappear or start showing blank white spaces instead of buttons.

This problem may occur when concatenated JavaScript is not working. It may also cause by missing or corrupt TinyMCE files or conflict with some other plugin that modifies or extends the TinyMCE shipped with WordPress.


  • Changes Aren’t Visible on Your Live Site- this may cause when your WordPress websites undergo in the maintained when you put your website in some updates. this problem is resolved by erasing all the caching issues or by caching plugins.

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