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Terms and Conditions for Dr Web Host Domain Auction - Dr Web Host

Dear Dr Web Host Users,

We’re excited to announce the upcoming launch of the Dr Web Host Domain Auction, providing you with an exclusive platform to buy and sell domains within our community. To ensure a fair and transparent process, please review the following terms and conditions:

– All Dr Web Host users with an active account are eligible to participate.
– Domains must be registered through Dr Web Host.

Listing a Domain:
– Users can list domains they own and are willing to sell.
– Listings must include accurate domain details, including expiration date and ownership verification.

Auction Process:
– Auctions will have a specified duration.
– Bidders must be Dr. Web Host users with active accounts.
– The highest bid at the end of the auction wins.

Transaction Process:
– Dr Web Host will facilitate the transfer of ownership upon successful completion of the auction.
– Sellers will receive the winning bid amount minus any applicable fees.

Disbursement of Funds and Issue Resolution:

  • Sellers will receive the proceeds from the sale 15 days after DrWebHost receives the full amount from the buyer.
  • In the event of any issues or disputes related to the transaction, the buyer must contact DrWebHost within 10 days from the date of payment.
  • After the 10-day period, the transaction will be marked as complete, and DrWebHost will not be liable for any further issues arising from the transaction.

5. Transaction Fees:

  • Dr Web Host charges a transaction fee of 8% on the total selling amount of each domain.
  • This fee is deducted automatically at the completion of a successful domain sale

Bidding Deposits:

  • Bidders are required to deposit 20% of the bidding amount before participating in any domain auction.
  • In the event that a bidder loses the bid, the deposited amount will be refunded in full.
  • If a bidder wins the bid, they must complete the payment of the remaining 80% within 24 hours from the bid closing time.
  • Failure to complete the payment within the stipulated time will result in the cancellation of the transaction, and the 20% deposit will not be refundable.

Third-Party Account Guarantees:

  • DrWebHost does not guarantee any promises made by the seller regarding third-party accounts associated with the domain, including but not limited to hosting accounts, social media accounts, or email accounts.
  • Buyers are encouraged to independently verify any additional promises made by the seller and should not solely rely on DrWebHost for such assurances.

Seller Cancellation and Charges:

  • The seller reserves the right to cancel the domain transfer at any time.
  • If the seller cancels the deal after a bid has been won, a cancellation fee of 8% of the total domain sale amount will be charged. Failure to pay this fee gives DrWebHost the right to suspend the domain.
  • If the seller cancels the deal before a bid is won or before the buyer makes the final payment, no charges will be incurred.

Additional Clause: If a buyer pays the seller outside of the DrWebHost platform or makes a manual payment directly to the seller, DrWebHost assumes no responsibility and disclaims any liability for any issues or disputes arising from such transactions

Domain Transfer:
– Sellers must ensure their domains are unlocked and that they provide any necessary authorization codes for transfer.
– Dr Web Host will oversee the transfer process.

Prohibited Content:
– Domains containing illegal, offensive, or inappropriate content are strictly prohibited.

– Dr Web Host reserves the right to cancel or remove any auction listings that violate our terms.

By participating in the Dr Web Host Domain Auction, you agree to abide by these terms and conditions. We reserve the right to modify these terms as needed, and any changes will be communicated to users.

We look forward to creating a vibrant domain marketplace within our community.

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